Daily Workout: Phase II – Weights III

Friday – Weights

This workout is 20 minutes.  Minimal rest should be taken between exercises to see how many rounds you can get through in 20 minutes.  Make sure to get nice and loose before you begin!  Start with some weight free exercises to get your body moving and your muscles loose.  Jumping jacks, no weight squats, pushups, these are all good to get you ready to workout.


Pullups x 6

One Leg Squats x 8 (alternate legs)

Dips x 10

Split Squat Jumps x 12 (alternate legs)


Again, keep going for 20 minutes and try to see how many rounds you can get in.  Keep track and beat it next week!  This will be the Friday workout for the next 3 weeks.  rookie-mistakes-the-pullup-main

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