Daily Workout: Phase II – Cardio II

Thursday – Cardio

I realised I made a mistake on the last cardio post.  The intervals were supposed to be 30 second splits, not 40.  Cardio day 2 is 40 seconds.  If you tried it and used 40 second splits, the run for today should be 1:00 (one minute) splits instead.  Sorry!  Too early in the morning to think straight I guess 🙂


Today I ran an agility box outdoors.  This works best if you have a football field somewhere near your house because they will have the lines marked off for you to follow, but if not, improvisation is really easy.  I have a dirt playground that is built in a square near my house that I use and it’s perfect.

The idea with this workout is to run full speed in a box shape where the first length is a sprint, followed by side shuffles to the right, then backpedaling, then shuffle to the left to get back to the start of the box, then repeat the whole process over and over.  If you do this on a football field it should be 25 yards each way.  The idea is to be facing one direction and NEVER turn.  So, if you put a sign up that you sprint towards in your first leg, you should still be looking at it through the whole circuit.

If your workout space is a bit rectangular (mine is) rotate which direction you are looking each time so that the shuffles and sprint/backpedal portions get equal focus.


The workout is phase two of a three phase interval program.  Phase two is 40 second intervals.  The total workout is 30 minutes long.

Start with a five minute warmup walk.

When the intervals kick in you will go 90% for 40 seconds and then 30% for 40 seconds.  Do this for twenty minutes.

Finish with a five minute cool down walk.

2 thoughts on “Daily Workout: Phase II – Cardio II

    1. Tuesday’s was straight sprints. You can stick with that if you want, but the idea with this is to work on agility too. That’s why I added in side shuffles and back pedaling. Straight sprint, shuffle right, back pedal, shuffle left, straight sprint, shuffle right, etc. I think I can find a video. My iPhone has a timer that can track in seconds and set to loop. That way I don’t think about the time at all, just run. I used to use a kitchen timer from the dollar store.


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