Daily Workout: Phase II – Weights II

Wednesday – Weights

Get yourself nice and warmed up.  I start with some no weight squats followed by pushups.  Make sure to get all your muscles nice and loose before you get going.  This doesn’t mean stretching though… that comes after the workout.

This workout is 20 minutes.  Rest 40 seconds between rounds but no rest between the exercises (there are 2).  Aim for 10 rounds.

1 – Dumbbell squats with press up x 8

2 – Dumbbell sumo squat with high pulls x 8

Make sure to use a weight you can control and do the exercises with good form.  Injuries mean missed gym time!

As always, this workout can be done without a gym.  All you should ever need with these workouts is a set of dumbbells!

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