Daily Workout: 8 January 2016

Today’s workout will be especially tough until you get used to circuit style training.  It’s a body weight circuit so you shouldn’t need any weights but there are variations.

Here we go:

Pullups  x 8 (weight assisted if necessary, you can also do jumping pullups)

Pushups x 10

Burpees x 12

As before this is all done in succession without rest.  When you get to the end of one set you can rest but the idea, when you get your wind up, is to keep pushing through with as little rest as possible.

Today I did it with 20 seconds rest between rounds.  I would start off with about a minute if this is your first time.  Continue doing these exercises for a full 20 minutes.  Count how many cycles you can get through in 20 minutes and then work on beating that next week.  I did 13 today!  Don’t be frustrated if you only get through about 6 to 8 your first time.  That is where I started too.

If you can’t do the pullups you can substitute them with standing dumbell rows or inverted rows as well.  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LZa9TzkjRg)


4 thoughts on “Daily Workout: 8 January 2016

    1. Ugh. Chest still too sore from push-up rows on Wednesday to do push-ups again today; shoulders and chest still too sore from Mon and Weds to do too many burpees. You have to remember, this is my first week back with weights. I did the pull-ups – no problem there – and most of the burpees, but I had to sub in arm curls for the push-ups (the only other part of me that wasn’t already sore, LOL). Still exhausted and burned out! I’ll start again on Monday – thanks for the guidance this week, brother! 🙂

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      1. You are welcome. It will get easier. You have two more weeks of that group. I’ll be posting the next phase next week but don’t start that till you have cycled through your current workout two more times.


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