Burpees (Weekly Workout Rec. #1)

Awesome burpee workout

Today’s workout recommendation:  BURPEES!

The best part about burpees?  You don’t need a gym.  You don’t need a single piece of equipment.  You can get up right now and do them.  You heard me.  Right now.  Have fun.  You can thank me when you’re done.

The thing I will always try to encourage people to do is get out of the gym.  Stop using machines and equipment you don’t need.  I lost almost 50 pounds with a set of dumbbells and the great wide world.  I paid 60 dollars for the dumbbells once and then my ‘membership fees’ were finished.

You don’t need to pay every month to get in shape.  You don’t need treadmills and machines.  Get something heavy to move around and then go outside and run!  That is the best way to do it and it’s cheap.  Everyone likes cheap.

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